Storage Solutions While You Find Your New Place 

Fernandos container storage offers you a simple solution for storage.

  • We deliver a shipping container to your address, leaving it there for you to load.
  • Once loaded, we collect the shipping container and take it to our storage facility
  • You are free to travel round the world or in Australia while the container is stored
  • When you are ready your belongings will be delivered in the Shipping container to your address and leave the container there for you to unload.
  • We then collect the empty container.

If you require storage on your own property we would deliver the container to your address, you would hire the container on a monthly basis, and when you are finished with it we would collect it. this is the perfect solution to your storage needs.

Alternatively, you can bring your belongings to one of our storage facilities and load your belongings into one of our containers.