Container Removals to move from Adelaide

Got an interstate move planned from Adelaide and need an affordable way to move your furniture? Container Removals from Fernandos Half Price will be the cheapest option available.

Our Container Removals solution is a much cheaper, easier, and affordable way to move from Adelaide. If you want to know more about this unique door to door moving service read on or contact us. Sometimes called Container Removals or also called:

Fernandos Half Price are specialised in helping you safely move furniture and belongings from Adelaide cheaply as we have been doing Container Removals for over 20 years.

We understand that moving is difficult and expensive, but with the use of a 20ft shipping container you can move furniture, boxes and fragile items from a 3 Bedroom house all in one go! We also have 40ft containers for bigger homes. - See the video below as to how the containers are put on the ground, meaning no struggle to lift items into the back of a truck.

Video shows how we load and unload our containers - Call us for more information on 1300 734 436.

We quickly assist you to move from Adelaide using our super low cost, self load / unload shipping containers. We will save you customers thousands on moving with our Container Removals solution

What are the benefits of Container Removals for your move?

Cost Saving - The biggest cost for a traditional removalist is the cost of labour to load and unload. You save that cost by loading and unloading yourself. Depending on your location and the time of the year, you can save up to 50% on the price quoted by a removalist. We are available by telephone 7 days a week to Quote or Put your details on our form and get a quote now.

Less Pressure - You get up to three days to load and another three days to unload. That equals much less pressure. You also have the opportunity to sort and cull as you load.

No Worries - We co-ordinate all transport with proven top quality road, rail and sea going contractors. We also supply structurally sound certified containers so as to ensure the safe and secure transport of your goods.

Security - Unlike removalists, no one else shares or has access to your container. You place your lock on it and you control who has access from the time it is delivered to your current home to the time it is delivered by us to your new home.

On Going Storage - You can leave your goods in the shipping container in storage on your site or ours for as long as you like while you search for a house, build, or simply clean (need a trusted and professional cleaning service? MCO Cleaning conduct Vacte cleaning services.) your new home. Additional charges apply so please discuss this option with us before you move.

Things to think about when organising a Container Removals from Adelaide:

Would you prefer to use our container(s) or would you prefer to buy and use your own?

What size container do you need? A 20 foot shipping container will generally hold the contents of an average 3 bedroom home or a small 4 bedroom home.

Do you have enough room to safely place the container at your house or business?

Which way would you like the container doors to be facing when it arrives?

Is up to three (3) days to load and the same to unload enough time for you? if not, talk to us.

Do not forget that you will need blankets to wrap your furniture, straps to tie your goods into the container and cartons to pack the smaller items. We can advise on all of this.

Do you want to hold on to the container for a longer period while you clean, paint or find a new home?

Asking these questions to yourself and your Container Removals provider will ensure that your Adelaide move is as easy as possible

Picture of container being placed on a driveway


Now you have thought about all the details, how Container Removals works:


YES its that easy!

  • We deliver a shipping container to ground level at your current home.
  • You load it like a pro with instructions provided by us within three days
  • We relocate it to ground level at your new home.
  • You unload within 1 - 3 days, then sweep it out.
  • We take the container away.

Adelaide Container Removals - Packing Tips

There are some Container Removals considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when packing your storage container for the big move from Adelaide. Don’t leave small items loose – make sure everything is packed tightly in a box. Double box fragile goods if necessary. If possible, load the heaviest items in first, and make sure they are equally distributed around the container and tightly secured. Then fill in the spaces with boxes, heaviest boxes on the bottom, and lightest boxes on the top. Be sure to bubble wrap mirrors and paintings and other fragile items, and use removalist blankets to protect furniture and furnishings. The tighter you pack the boxes, the safer your goods will be. Strapping and tying items so they don’t move in transit is also a good idea.

No matter the size of house you are moving from Adelaide, we have a solution for you. If you have any concerns about your move please contact us to discuss them. We have moved hundreds of homes and families and know the process inside out. Alternately download our Moving planner here for some great tips.

We service all major cities including, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra. Contact us today to get a quote, and get your moving process started today!